AsPro-PD: Phase III Ambroxol Trial

ASPro-PD is the exciting next phase of the investigation of Ambroxol for use in Parkinson’s and, follows the promising results of the 2018 AIM-PD Phase II trial of Ambroxol.

What is Ambroxol?

Ambroxol is an already approved medicine in the treatment of coughs. However, it was discovered that ambroxol increased the activity of the GCase enzyme, which is made by the GBA gene. This is enzyme is believed to have a role in Parkinson’s. Some individuals who have Parkinson’s may carry one copy of a faulty GBA gene, reducing the activity of the GCase enzyme.


Professor Schapira led the Phase 2 clinical trial for ambroxol, named AIM-PD from 2017-2018. Though the study was small, AIM-PD proved promising in that the results indicated that GCase levels increased. To learn more, please visit the Cure Parkinson's Website.


Professor Schapira and his team are now keen to test the effectiveness of ambroxol in a Phase III clinical trial. We are looking for those who have Parkinson’s Disease, whether they know if they have a faulty GBA gene. Please refer to the 'Taking Part in Ambroxol' box below to see if you are eligible. Learn more by clicking here.

To take part in the trial you must be aged 35-75 and diagnosed within the last 6 years.

To register your interest please ensure you sign up to PD Frontline or Rapsodi, please check below to see which study is best for you. You must complete the relevant study questions and provide a saliva sample for genetic testing. You may only be considered for Ambroxol once you have your genetic results.

Alternatively, if you are already a participant please log in to PD Frontline or Rapsodi to register your interest.

Taking Part in Ambroxol

Please select your health status.

After which you will be asked to regsiter for Rapsodi or PD-Frontline where you can then express your interest in the Ambroxol trial.

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