Welcome to Rapsodi

Research has shown us that we may be able to intervene many years before people develop Parkinson's and slow down its progression. Carriers of genetic alterations in the GBA gene (which can cause Gaucher disease) are at increased risk of Parkinson's disease although the vast majority will not develop it. 

The Rapsodi study assesses carriers of GBA genetic alterations completely online for the earliest signs of Parkinson's disease. We hope to enrol GBA carriers in future drug trials of new medicines designed to prevent Parkinson's disease

If you have Gaucher disease, if you know you carry a GBA genetic alteration, or if you are related to someone with Gaucher disease or a known GBA carrier, please register for the study. If you have Parkinson's disease and don't know whether you carry a GBA genetic alteration, please visit our sister study pdfrontline.com.

What the study involves

  1. Register and log on
  2. It will take 45 minutes to an hour
  3. Fill in some questionnaires
  4. Do a keyboard tapping test
  5. Do some memory tasks
  6. We'll then send you a smell test and saliva kit in the post


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